The goal of this book is to highlight the most successful investing ideas of the last decade and the corresponding most representative academic articles that describe them. It is a collection that builds upon our knowledge gained over many years of teaching, advisory and investing experience. The book is organized into two parts. Part one (chapters 1-3) sets the stage by describing our selection process as well as how we define “quality research” from an econometric angle. Part two (chapter 4-14) covers the ten ideas in details, one at a time.

Expected Publication date: Spring 2018

Following are the topics covered in the book:

  1.                What Constitutes Good Investment Research
  2.                 A RoadMap to Reading an Academic Article
  3. Women in Investing
  4. Indexing: the Exponential Increase of Passive Investing
  5. Factor Investing
  6. Multi-Asset Investing
  7. Socially Responsible Investing
  8. Social Investing Networks: the Rise of Crowdfunding
  9. Artificial Intelligence: a Revolution in Investing
  10.                Tail Risk Hedging with Derivatives