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“In conclusion, in lieu of spending years getting a PhD to develop expertise in research, portfolio managers can read this book and quickly learn the best practices for sorting through the haystack of research to find the needle that will improve investment results. They can thereby avoid the pitfall of basing their strategies on faulty studies and consequently spending their time chasing spurious results that never generate alpha. Smart(er) Investing will improve readers’ critical thinking about research and equip them to employ only the best academic insights in their work in the financial markets.”– – J. Christopher Hughen, CFA, CIPM,  Associate Professor of finance and Co-director of the Marsico Investment Center at the University of Denver.

It’s like getting a PhD on speed

Perth Tolle, Founder Life+Liberty Indexes

Simply marvelous & badly needed. Wonderfully accessible guide to both evaluating academic research & to best ideas emerging from academia. Must-read.

Matt Bergman- Principal, Ridge Strategic and Senior Counsel, The Marino Organization

A new book dives into this research (while being immensely readable): ‘Smart(er) Investing: How Academic Insights Propel the Savvy Investor,’ by Elisabetta Basilico of Applied Quantitative Analysis and Tommi Johnsen of the University of Denver’s Reiman School of Finance…The book compiles investment ideas tied to recent studies…in which the authors use a myriad of studies to reveal the differences between men and women in finance, where women excel in this field, and how firms can correct issues of imbalance.

Ginger Szala, ThinkAdvisor

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